Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cover of the Week

I think it's time I included my favorite series of ALL TIME! Richelle Mead steals this week's spot.

Simplicity = Beauty. Though I am ticked off that they decided to redesign the whole series, I am very much satisfied on how they came out. I always thought the recent covers didn't do the series justice. Especially when I heard a girl talking to her friend at Barnes and Noble. The conversation went something like this:

Girl: Okay. I'm all about the covers. See this? This looks stupid. It's probably stupid.

Friend: Yeah, I know. That one's way better.

Me: *angry silence*

Okay. Seriously? As the saying goes: 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' When I heard this I almost felt threatened. 'Specially when they're talking about Vampire Academy! It's such a great series, and Richelle Mead's writing is outstanding. I seriously wanted to strangle these two. Just kidding, but this made me mad.

So this week not only did you get the cover of the week, you also got a little ranting from me! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I love this series!

*Hangs head* I kind of judge books by their covers. I have read novels that are amazing and the covers less so, but I tend to be drawn toward "pretty" covers.

go with happiness said...

I'm not saying that what you do is bad. The cover is the first thing you really see, and if it interests you, then great. I get attracted to gorgeous covers, too, but I thought it was wrong for them to say that the book was stupid because they thought the cover was stupid. They didn't even read the back cover.

Unknown said...

I can't wait for blood promise to come out!!! I have got to know what'll happen next in that series!

Laina said...

I did that once. I didn't like the covers of the Uglies series and decided not to read them.

Look where that got me. :P