Saturday, April 11, 2009

Say It Again Saturday

One of my favorite reviewers, Karin, from Karin's Book Nook is hosting this meme. And I'm just jumpin' on the band wagon!


Lament was probably one of the few novels I've read in a while that was very well written. From reading it, you could tell how much thought and effort Maggie Stiefvater put into writing this. Props to her marvelous skills!

"I'm here as long tonight as the music lasts, pretty girl. Get your harp."

I found the sentence above magical. I don't particularly know why, so don't ask me to explain. I guess it just widened the possibilities of Deirdre's future in the faerie realm, and that left me gasping for more, which is bound to happen, as it is the last sentence of the novel.

"He closed his eyes, concentrating on keeping his hold on the old well's uneven sides, willing his heart to slow."

Helplessness and desperate. Those are two words that come to mind when reading this. I felt that this sentence summed up Luke's desperate need for death. The whole prologue, this sentence especially, haunted me throughout the novel.

"But the girl in front of me, dark-haired, gray-eyed, no makeup, with a blue V-neck, wasn't a goth chick. The girl that was shimmering out of James' consciousness was me."
What can I say? I'm a sucker for this particular thing. You know, the best friend falling in love with the best friend. Ahhh... I love romance. Ha-ha.
I enjoyed every single sentence, but these in particular stuck out. Check back next week for more quotes from different books.


Anonymous said...

Very cool idea!

go with happiness said...

Say It Again Saturday? It wasn't my idea. Full props go to Karin.