Friday, April 24, 2009

"Say It Again" Saturday

"Say It Again" Saturday was originally posted by Karin from Karin's Book Nook. Check it out, if you haven't already, it's awesome!
This week's quotes will be posted from Melissa Marr's Fragile Eternity. The book's filled with many haunting, mystical and captivating lines, always provided by Melissa Marr, and it was very hard choosing! But, I narrowed it down to three.

"Their bodies were a giant conduit; sunlight looped between them like a steam of energy that grew stronger as it slipped through the barrier of skin."

"Her temper was flaring, and in that moment, she saw no reason to try to control it. The air inside the shadow bubble was growing blisteringly hot. She could taste acrid desert air, sand against her lips."

"He pushed her into the shadow wall until she thought her heart would fail. Terror surged through her, sliding into her stillest corners and prodding all her fears and doubts to fruition. Alone. Not good enough. Weak. Stupid. Destroying Seth. Wounding my court. Failing my kind."

Amazing, right? It was very difficult deciding, but these quotes felt real and raw, giving an inside look at how the characters felt emotionally and physically.


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Thanks for sharing and participating in "Say It Again" Saturday.