Thursday, April 30, 2009

Signed FE Contest + Bracelet!

Whoo hoo! With the first contest ending tonight, I thought, hey, why stop the fun now? So I'm hosting an even bigger contest!

I'm giving away a SIGNED copy of Melissa Marr's Fragile Eternity, along with an orange bracelet that states that you are supporting the Summer Court. Go Aislinn! Go Keenan!

Got it? SO here's the details and rules and restrictions and extras:

To enter, answer the following question:
Who is your favorite author? Why? (Give ATLEAST ONE reason!)
(Keep this in mind, if you don't answer the question, your post won't count.)

+1 if you are following or become a follower
+1 if you post who referred you to this contest
+2 if you referred someone to this contest
+2 for posting this on your blog, contests list, twitter, myspace, facebook, etc (a link must be provided!)



Katie said...

Sarah Dessen, because every single one of her books I've read so far have been touching and unputdownable.
I'm already a follower.

Ann Diana Dinh, said...

J.K Rowling, because I fell in love with Harry Potter because of her.

I'm already a follower.


Unknown said...

I really want to read this book. I'm already a follower. I posted this contest here:


Readingjunky said...

Hi Danielle.

My favorite author is Joan Bauer. I've always liked her strong female characters. BACKWATER is my favorite.

BTW, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I've just become a follower of yours. Looking forward to reading about what you're reading.


Unknown said...

My favorite author is Kim Harrison. I really like her books because there are vampires, werewolves, witches, all my favorite things. Plus her books take place in Cincinnati which is only like 15 minutes away from me.

Cinnamon said...

My favorite author? That's a tough one. Right now I'm digging on Patricia Briggs and Rachel Vincent because they both have very strong, down to earth female leads.

I am already a follower.
Nobody referred me! I saw your post!
Link up in my sidebar and soon on my contest post.


Liyana said...

My favourite author for YA is Tamora Pierce. Her worlds are always so wholly real and her characters are simply amazing. And I haven't even talked about the actions scenes and everything else. Simple breathtaking.

I'm a follower!

donnas said...

Its hard to pick one favorite. I am going to say Kelley Armstrong. Her books all have very likeable characters that are well developed. She writes about werewolves, vampires, witches and all kinds of paranormal beings. I am anxiously awaiting the chance to read The Awakening which just came out.

I am already a follower.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Anonymous said...

Sarah Dessen would have to be one of my favourite authors because she has the ability to make all her novels and characters so painstakingly real and relatable not to mention that there is always a message of hope left with the readers in the end.

I am already a follower.

Thanks so much for this awesome contest!! =D

Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

+1 I'm already a follower
+1 reviews by Jess referred me here

My favorite author right now is Jane Austen. I have read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion at least 20 times, and each time it says something new to me.

Chioma ~Black and Blue Ink Reviews~ said...

I would really have to say Stephanie Meyer. The i love how she writes in Bella's point of view and it still makes it soung smooth. Some books i haev read have been writen in that point of view but it doesnt sound as natural. All of her books rock

I am a follower

Unknown said...

One of my favorite authors is Meg Cabot, since she's one of the reasons why I feel in love with Young Adult fiction.

+1 for being a followr
+2 for having a link to this contest on the sidebar of my blog:

Unknown said...

Stephenie Meyer is my favorite author because I love her books.
I'm a follower.
I saw this contest on bridget3420's site

Watching said...

*happy sigh* my favorite is Libba Bray... I love the Gemma Doyle trilogy, her world and characters are so beautiful it became hard for me to discern fiction from my own reality...but that's okay because it's a world I want to live in forever. Even the ending of the series was wonderful, it made me cry, but at the same time it was hopeful, making you proud of what the main character had to go through...yes she is my favorite author.

I'm posting a link on my blog today, haha and yay^^ I just became the 61st follower, no one told me about it, I found your blog from clicking on your avatar at Daniel Water's blog

Molly Jo said...

L.M. Montgomery. The Anne Series is, and will always be, my absolute favorite of all time. She created a world that I wish I lived in. There's just something comforting about her writing. I get completely lost in it. I don't even know how many times I've read Anne of Green Gables. I have, like, 4 copies, plus a set from the 1936 printing that a college professor gave me.

I'll totally post this on my blog but I'm not gonna lie, it's going to be in the AM. Epic tired just hit. Also, I checked your blog and there the contest was! So that's how I found out.

BN Book Blog said...

One of my favorite authors is Tamora Pierce, because she cranks out high voltage, yet personal novels time after time.

We are now following the blog, and we find out about this contest from Melissa Marr herself on twitter. We also tweeted about the contest at

Great contest!

PageTurner2011 said...

Well, my favorite author would have to be Melissa Marr. Not because I am entering this contest, but it is because when I first started reading Wicked Lovely, I thought this is not very interesting but I couldn't seem to put it down. The more I got into it, the more I wanted to know how Aislinn and Seth and Kennan would turn out. Then buy the time I was in Ink Exchange, I was hooked... her world is fantastic. I follow on Twitter and the website daily looking for any hint of what's to come.

Anonymous said...

My favorite author Cashore!
Because she wrote Graceling,one of my all time favorite books!
I found out about this contest on Melissa Marr's Twitter

Blindfolded miles said...

I am a brand new follower O:
Watching referred me.

My favorite author is Diana Wynne Jones. I love how the main characters be female or male, can keep me laughing and crying at the very same time. How her worlds of fantasy can jump out of the book and plant themselves into my mind. No matter how many times I have read them, I have to finish her books before bed, or I can't even sleep peacefully. I'll be to busy imagining what'll happen next.

Arin said...

Currently my favorite author is E.L. Doctorow. I am constantly astonished by his impeccable ability to recreate the era in which each historical fiction novel is set. He also makes it so the reader feels not only attached to the characters (as the setting is always seen as a character as well), but deeply involved with them, and engulfed into the immaculate setting. As I read a Doctorow novel, I am no longer in the 21st century--it is the most simple and yet most brilliant form of time travel.

I am now a follower.
I found this contest on Melissa's facebook page.
I referred someone else!

Z said...

Hi, saw this on Melissa Marr's twitter and am now following you there.

Favorite author is Sarah Monette, who gets WAY less recognition than she deserves. Her world-building is gorgeous and subtle and makes sense; extreme fantasy but with highly thought-out political and personal stiuations. The dynamic between the main characters in her Doctrine of Labyrinths series is extremely compelling; she makes everyone work for a solution.. I can't even describe the awesome, clearly, but if R-ratedness (violence, sexual situations-- I promise nothing's gratutitous) won't bother you, definitely give her a try. Also brothers! There are too few... anythings... that cover sibling dynamics.

Yan said...

My favorite as of right now is Kristin Cashore (Graceling was unbelievable!) She managed to write fantasy, romance, action, adventure all in one and STILL managed to keep me interested!

I was refereed by Lauren and I'll post this on my sidebar :D

Niham said...

I am now a follower.I was referred to your contest by Lauren's crammed bookshelf.My favourite author is Georgette Heyer b/c she portrays her heroines as sensible young women with a good sense of judgement.Not the typical head-over-heels-type of women.

pepsivanilla said...

My favorite author. Now that is a hard question. I will have to go with Sarah Dessen because all of her books are so true to life, complicated but still enjoyable. As soon as I finish reading one of her books I just want to pick it up again and reread it!

+1 I started following you


Anonymous said...

My favorite author? It's really hard to narrow it down to one. I love a LOT of authors. Right now I'm going to go with Karen Marie Moning. I love her Fever series! It's got Fae, sidhe-seers, mystery, it's set in Ireland, and it's a dark, gritty series.

jaam121388 at yahoo dot com

For the record, I loved Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange!

D Q said...

I would have to say right now my favorite author is Stephenie Meyer. Why?--because I adore the Twilight series.
I'm a follower.

Catie S (Book Bound) said...

I have lots of favorite authors.
One (Other than Melissa) is Casaandra Clare, (as you know I'm sure) the author of the Mortal Instruments Series.
She is one of my favorites because I love her writing style, I love the descriptions. Her characters are written with flaws, quirks that make them believable.

I am following now.
I was referred here by Melissa's Twitter.
I posted a link on my twitter. (

Ashley said...

I have many favorite authors, but one of them is Sarah Dessen. I just love her writing so much, it's detailed, realistic, and interesting. I always feel like I can relate to the characters in each of her books.

+1 I became a follower.

+1 A Journey Of Books referred me.

+2 I posted this contest on my sidebar at



Amy said...

I have millions, but one is Cassandra Clare. I've never been more in love with a series, or a character(jace:)

Erica said...

My favorite author would be Terry Goodkind! His books are just amazing, and I love that his female main character is so strong and just i don't even know how to explain her :) Plus, he just takes you right into Richard and Kahlan's world (the 2 main characters of his books)

I'm a follower now!

I found your contest through

Also I added it to my side bar :)


Korianne said...

My favorite author is Siobhan Vivian. Not only are her books lovely, she is one of the kindest sweetest people I have ever talked with. I only hope that when I "grow-up" I am as in touch with my inner teen and I am half as sweet.

+1 I am a new follower, but your blog looks awesome! Fabulous layout!

+1 Laina from Book Contest Links sent me to this contest.

Thanks for a cool contest! It's nice to meet you Danielle!

JellybeanReviewer said...

My fav author would have to be Stephenie Meyer. She really brought new respect for Vampire lovers all over the world. I love Edward!
+1 if you are following or become a follower - I love your blog. I just joined.
+1 if you post who referred you to this contest - Raschel_[Reads it.] (she's my sister)
+2 if you referred someone to this contest - Sorry..but no... D:
+2 for posting this on your blog, contests list, twitter, myspace, facebook, etc. - Not really into any of that..but I'll post it into my blog! I just started blogging! ^_^ woot!

Gaby317 said...

My favorite writer is PG Wodehouse because his characters are hilarious. No matter how many times I've read one of his stories, I still chuckle.

+1 I learned about this from Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
+1 I've become a new follower
+ 2 I"ve posted a link to this contest on my blog's sidebar

gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

Carlene said...

I love Sarah Dessen her books are so real and touching. Please include me in your giveaway.

I am a follower.

I saw your contest on Lauren's Crammed BookShelf.

Cindy said...

Would love to win!!!! I really can't wait to read it!!!!! I am also hosting some book giveaways! thanks!!!

Lily Benan said...

i put it up on three blogs:



Daniel Waters, well his blog, referred me to this page. I <3 your blog!!!

My favorite author is... oh this is a tuffy, I like so many authors, but I would have to say....

J.K. Rowling... or Dan Waters... or Micheal Chabon!

But I'm gonna go with J.K. Rowling. She has the most imaginative ideas, who would of come up with characters like Hagrid, Dumbledore, or Snape? Truly inspiring, her writing has kicked my imagination back into motion. I don't know what I would've done without her books while my teacher droned on about tht fact that I read to much. Ahh the irony. Anyways, I really would love to win, the book sounds awesome! And I'd love to review it for MY blog. Hope I win!


Lily Benan said...

+1 I'm a follower
+1 I wrote that Dan Waters referred me.
+6 I posted this on THREE BLOGS! 2x3=6

Pleez send it to me!!!!!


Unknown said...

My favorite author is J.K Rowling I LOVE Harry Potter that's why! :D

I was referred by bridget3420's blog.

I am already a follower.

lc_intocable[a]yahoo[d] com

~The Book Pixie said...
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~The Book Pixie said...

My favorite author is Sarah Dessen. Her books have great characters and storylines. They are touching books that you want to reread over and over again.

+1 I'm a follower
+2 I posted contest link on my sidebar. See here:
+1 ? I heard about this contest on the blog "A Journey of Books" Does that count as being referred?


Library Lounge Lizard said...

+1 I'm now a follower!

Library Lounge Lizard said...

+1 I was referred by "Books by their cover" blog

Library Lounge Lizard said...

+2 I put a link to your contest on my blog:

and my favorite author right now is probably stephanie meyer for getting me hooked on YA teen paranormal romance! This was a difficult question to answer!

Marie said...

My favorite author is Charlaine Harris because her books are both scary/supernatural but also have a sense of humor to them. I hate when they end and wait anxiously for the next one :-)

I am a new follower.

Cassie G said...

My favorite author is Scott Westerfeld. His books are brilliant to begin with, and his writing is so diverse. He is capable of changing the style, which keeps all his books extremely interesting.

I am a follower!
I also posted this on my blog.


L said...

I have many favorite authors, but if I had to chose, I'd say Laurie Faria Stolarz because every single on of her many books have captured my attention.

I follow.

Cindy said...

My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. I fall in love with with each of his characters in his books! I am looking forward to reading Fragile Eternity!

Julie said...

My favorite author would be Richelle Mead. I love the way she expresses her heroines feelings and conflicts so clearly. There's also always a twist in every single one of her books that leave you begging for more.

mariah-nicole11 said...

well danyelly ofcourse you already know im inlove with p.c. cast & her daughter kristen cast becouse of there house of night series.

im am a follower

you post on twitter referred me ha ha

im going to referr my frend angel

and i will be posting this on my blog



i have posted here at these place =]]

EmilyBlom said...

My favorite author is........hmm......I can't decide I'm sorry! I like sooooooo many authors! But lately I have discovered that I like James Patterson , Michael Grant, and um more! I also really like L.J. Smith , Cate Tiernan , and Cassandra Clare I like L.J. Smiths characters alot , and I like the way she helps us in a way relate to the her characters , I also love the way she always has new ideas for her different series that you would of never thought of , a way to keep the books continuing , without dissapointing you. Oh and just thought i'd mention , her book series the vampire diaries are becoming a tv show on the CW this fall! yes i'm soooooooo excited! The only thing I dislike about her books are the covers , but that dosnt matter to me , at all really. One reason I really like Cassandra Clares writing is her creativity , and the way she thinks of such great story ideas , when at times most novels and books all revolve around the same thing. I am becoming a follower as we speak. Oh ! And I also love JK Rowling ! Who dosnt! I posted on facebook heres the link it should be on my posts:
Thanks alot! Please enter me if you have the time I also happen to love Meliss Marr. my email is :

Jblanton said...

My favorite author is Lori Foster- love her books, they are interesting and sexy I can't put them down once I start reading her books

Jblanton said...


Jblanton said...

bloGGed #1

Jblanton said...

BLogged #2

Jblanton said...

A journey of books referred me to your blog

Emily said...

My favorite author is Sarah Addison Allen. Even though she has only written three books so far, they are wonderful! She blends magic and reality in such a way that her plots and characters glow.

I am a follower.

I saw a link to this blog from The Compulsive Reader blog.

I twittered this contest.

BrittneyDaylee said...

Melissa Marr of course!! There is just a magical something about her books that keeps me wanting more!! All of her characters has such amazing depths, and I could tell she put a lot of thought and emotion into each one. I can't wait for a fourth installment!!

BrittneyDaylee said...

check my website for my blog:

BrittneyDaylee said...

i am a follower

M. Marr on facebook referred me via twitter

Anonymous said...

I recently read Neil Gaimen's The Graveyard Book. I have so many favorites but I'll pick Neil. He inspired me to get over a hump in my WIP.


Eli said...

Favorite Author: Darren Shan because he is not afraid to write gory teen horror.

+1 I am a follower!
+1 the Book Pixie referred me. :)
+2 I posted on my blog (left sidebar)

Thanks for the opportunity!

ann said...

i am a follower and i posted on my twitter.

Cindy said...

I'd love to win!! I'm also a follower!!!!!

Melanie said...

My favorite author would have to be Laurie Halse Anderson. I just finished Speak, and it was amazing.

I heard about this contest from the sidebar at In Between the Pages.

Paradox said...

I really don't think I can choose just one author... but I guess I'll say Scott Westerfeld because of the sheer amount of awesome in his books.

I'm already a follower.

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

Unknown said...

My favorite author? Oh boy. That's hard. I'll just have to say Poul Anderson, because that's what is popping into my head. I love a lot of authors, though. Oi.

Now for the boring stuff:
--I became a follower
--I blogged about this contest here:
--I tweeted this contest here:

(: Isa :) said...

Sharon Creech would have to be one of my favorite authors. I read Walk Two Moons? and Bloomability and Chasing Redbird. I LOVED all of these, because the writing is great. There's romance and sarcasm, but it still deals with real life.

I've just started to follow you.