Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti

Friendly and popular
Style: Cali surfer boy
Awesome at flirting
Future career: landscape architect
Boyfriend potential: high

Shy but sweet
Style: totally geeked out
Only talks to girls when absolutely necessary
Future career: robotics engineer
Boyfriend potential: none

Derek is clearly the boy Marisa's been waiting for, but there's just one problem. He has a girlfriend. Nash is wrong for Marisa, but he wants to take care of her. As if life wasn't complicated enough, Marisa's also dealing with overcoming a major problem from her past, a family that's falling apart, and a best friend who won't stop talking to sketchy guys online. Only the anonymous DJ, who has the school's ear with his underground podcasts, seems to get what Marisa's going through. But she has no idea who he is - or does she?

Susane Colasanti has again written another incredible young adult novel. If you haven't read her previous works I suggest you do, they're just as amazing as this one.

Waiting for You is a compelling novel involving a teenager with a seemingly perfect family, a perfect relationship with a great guy, and an enjoyable friendship between her and her best friend. Until all of this changes.

Her boyfriend doesn't seem so perfect anymore, and neither does her now broken family. She's troubled and nothing seems to go as planned, ruining her 'fresh start' at a new year at high school.

Marisa, the main character, is sinking into a deep depression, and the only things that seem to calm her down are playing the violin, writing on her walls, listening to an anonymous DJ and talking to Nash. And when things get worse, she can't hold everything in anymore, so she let's loose and tells Nash everything, and it only brings them closer as friends.

The overall novel is just amazing and flowed easily. I'm convinced that Susane can do nothing wrong. Waiting For You is yet another wonderful book from Susane Colasanti


Writing: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Cover: 5/5


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I loved When It Happens so I'm definitely going to pick this up.

Lianne said...

this one was my favoeite book of hers so far, so amazing!

Watching said...

>.> You know what? I'm adding all of these to my list of books..that keeps piling up...haha but I like your reviews^^
sounds good